Fact finding mission to ECAM

Fact finding mission to ECAM

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From October 17th  to 22nd  2015   DECP Country Managers Andrew Moore and Jannes van der Velde undertook a fact-finding mission to Malawi with a view to

  • get a good understanding of the business and investment climate of Malawi;
  • to obtain a clear picture of the challenges that ECAM is facing and ECAM’s role in the political and economic context;
  • to identify possible areas of cooperation between ECAM and DECP.                                                                                                                                     After fruitful and informative consultations  ECAM and DECP agreed to work towards closer cooperation and a formalisation of their relation. 

From the discussions it emerged that the top priority in ECAM’s  2016 plans is a strong increase in membership through a new structured marketing approach.  An in depth marketing study (to identify potential members) to be executed in the first months of the year will form the start of this approach.

Other focus points in ECAM’s plan for next year are enlarging commitment of ceo’s of member organisations, one way being the organisation of so called breakfast meetings bringing ceo’s and ministers together, and by introducing a ‘membership pack’, a marketing tool that has already been used successfully in Ghana, Uganda and Kenya.