Ganar ganar. On and on.

Ganar ganar. On and on.

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In November 2020, twenty young Peruvians became certified “trainers in negotiation skills according to the AWVN/Harvard method”. These young people will train delegations of companies and trade unions in negotiating the collective labour agreement with a focus on win-win situations – ganar-ganar in Spanish. In doing so, they give substance to the social dialogue that the Peruvian employers and workers have set up with the help of Mondiaal FNV and DECP.

In January 2020, Covid-19 seemed to be one of those viral diseases in distant China that would never gain a foothold in the West. But the virus did arrive and in mid-March government after government came up with measures to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible. We had to wash our hands, keep our distance and traveling was no longer possible – certainly not to Peru, as the South American countries closed their borders.

As a result, an intensive training programme on negotiation skills as part of developing social dialogue was disrupted. DECP experts however, managed to proceed in cooperation with its Peruvian partner SNI and Mondiaal CNV. Young unionists and employers’ representatives participated successfully. And even the Mondelez management was convinced that negotiation skills are key to finding solutions to challenges on a company level.

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