Getting to know the FEPO Getting to know the FEPO

Getting to know the FEPO

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Thieu Korten, special advisor of DECP, paid a visit to DECP partners in Bolivia from 14 til 23 February 2011.

He had meetings with the board of the Federations of employers in the cities Cochabamba, Oruro and Sucre.

In Cochabamba the results of an already completed cooperation project, a survey amongst the members of the ‘Federación de Entidades Empresariales Privadas de Cochabamba’, were discussed. Also possible future cooperation projects were discussed.

In Oruro meetings were held with the president and the general director of the ‘Federación Empresarios Privados de Oruro’ in order to study the possibility of cooperation with the FEPO. Thieu Korten also made a first visit to the Federation in the capital of the department Chuquisaca, Sucre, to investigate the possibility to start up DECP projects in this department.