Goodbye but not farewell Goodbye but not farewell

Goodbye but not farewell

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Special advisor Thieu Korten of DECP paid a regular visit to DECP partner Suriname Trade and Industry Association (VSB/STIA) from  4th to the 7th of December. The future relation between VSB and DECP was the most import subject discussed. DECP considers VSB as a more mature employers organisation which means that advice and support from DECP will be more at arms length in future. But DECP assured VSB that this stepping back will not mean ‘stepping away’.
Over the past years the number of members of VSB has grown, the communiation policy has been improved considerably and also the capacity and expertise of the bureau has improved. So a lot has been achieved in part thanks to the support of DECP.
The visit to the VSB was also combined with a visit to the newly appointed Dutch ambassador with whom the current political and social economic situation was discussed.
At the end of his visit Thieu Korten attended the annual general meeting of the VSB where Ferdinand Welzijn was re-elected as president. The new policy plan for 2014-2016 and the budget 2014 were both approved. The current general manager of the VSB, Rene van Essen, is retiring and he was thanked for his efforts during the last 6 years for the VSB. The proposed new director Kenneth Woei A Tsoi was appointed.  The president of the VSB also thanked Thieu Korten, who said goodbye as country manager for Suriname,  for the DECP support since 2006 and his personal contribution  to the work of the VSB.