ILO Geneva Meeting with DECP at the Conference

ILO Geneva Meeting with DECP at the Conference

Jos van Erp Deputy Director View profile

A delegation of DECP was present at the ILO Conference from 5 to 7 June in Geneva, Switzerland. The aim was to meet representatives of existing and potential EOs and other stakeholders in order to have updates with regard to current major topics and to explore whether some EOs could attend cross-cutting activities. Furthermore DECP contributed to the NHO seminar on Social Dialogue.

10 meetings have been conducted with representatives of EOs. In general the support of DECP is highly appreciated without any exception. Encouraging the Social Dialogue is seen as one of the most important issues and unique selling points of DECP. Skills Development is becoming more and more important in every partner country. Activities DECP is developing with regard to that issue have been received with enthusiasm. Although Skills Development is perceived to be an issue of high complexity, everybody agrees that steps should be taken by employers and EOs to contribute to improvement. An approach through cross-cutting with the aim to identify focus areas is considered to be a valuable start. Guiding EOs as follow up should be country specific.

The DECP delegation had meetings with representatives of ITCILO, NHO, DI, IOE and ACT/EMP. The overall conclusion was that the existing cooperation should be intensified in order to increase impact.

On Wednesday June 7th the Norwegian NHO had organised a seminar on Social Dialogue. Presentations on vision and projects where held by the Ethiopian EO, NHO, VCCI Vietnam and DI. DECP contributed by conducting a presentation on their specific vision, emphasizing the responsibility of Employers’ Organisations and trade unions to cooperate and develop ideas which convince the government. Again, negotiation skills and skills development where identified as major issues.