Launching GEA's Business Agenda Launching GEA's Business Agenda

Launching GEA's Business Agenda

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Attendance at the 51st Annual General meeting of the Ghana Employers Association was one of the main reasons for the DECP to undertake a mission to Accra from 6-8 September 2011.  The meeting was the opportunity for the GEA to launch its Business Agenda which had been prepared under the ProInvest programme with strong support from the DECP. The meeting was followed by a seminar which was addressed by the Minister for Employment and the Minister of Finance. The theme of the seminar was how Ghana can best use its oil revenue for the benefit of the entire community.

The mission also provided an opportunity for the DECP to brief the Netherlands’ Ambassador to Ghana on its work with the GEA. Discussions also took place on how DECP could work closely with the Embassy with its work with the private sector in Ghana. It was agreed that DECP would prepare a note on some key issues to help the Embassy in  preparation of its private sector strategy.

 Meetings also took place with the Executive Director and senior staff of the GEA during which the implementation of the newly launched GEA Business Agenda was discussed.