Looking ahead to 2013 with the VSB Looking ahead to 2013 with the VSB

Looking ahead to 2013 with the VSB

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Special advisor Thieu Korten of DECP paid a regular visit to DECP partner Surinam Trade and Industry Association (VSB/STIA) from the 4th to the 8th of December. DECP discussed with the VSB the low ranking of Surinam in the World Bank Doing Business report. There are some doubts both at the VSB and the government whether all the recent improvements in Surinam have been taken into account in this report and also whether the right experts in Surinam have been interviewed. The attitude of the government about the ranking is rather nonchalant.

Possible new cooperation projects were discussed and among them were the drafting of a handbook for investments, a meeting with business organisations in the Dutch speaking West Indies in the Caribbean and the establishment of an court of arbitration.  DECP and PUM also agreed that their experts will act as a supervisor during the exams for an occupational safety certification in Surinam.

DECP also attended a seminar on “increasing efficiency and effectivity in companies”, a seminar which was financially supported by DECP.
Thieu Korten reviewed the socio-economic and political situation with the Netherland’s  Embassy staff.