Meeting of East-African Employers' Organisations in Kampala

Meeting of East-African Employers' Organisations in Kampala

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Ronald de Leij and Andrew Moore represented DECP on a visit to the FUE in Kampala for three major events. 

The first conference was a meeting of the Executive Directors and Presidents of the East African Employers Organisations. The main purpose was to reach agreement on how the EO’s would represent their interests towards the East African Community. Agreement was reached on the setting up of an East African Employers Organisation and also the placing of a Consultant in Arusha, starting March 1st i.e. just a few days after the conference. 

DECP also attended and participated in the Annual meeting of the East, Central & Southern Africa Employers Conference. DECP was also invited to make a number of contributions during the closure of this two day conference. 

Furthermore, DECP attended the FUE Employer of the Year Award and was asked to make the presentation of one of the awards.