Nepal   Getting ready for a new start

Nepal Getting ready for a new start

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At the end of November DECP held a well-attended workshop on lobby and advocacy in Nepal. It was the first element of a long-term cooperation programme between DECP and the Nepalese BMO and Chamber FNCCI. Nepal went through hard times, including political upheavals and a devastating earthquake in 2015. This prompted FNCCI to cooperate with the trade unions that have set up a coordinating council for the social dialogue. The Nepalese government is in the process of decentralising power to the provincial level, and DECP is supporting FNCCI in setting up a strong provincial structure. For this a new strategy is needed, and the lobby workshop aimed at strengthening the FNCCI position both at the central and the regional level. A SWOT analysis was made: it mapped the main challenges Nepalese business has to face and possible remedies.