Next steps for the Ghana Employers Association

Next steps for the Ghana Employers Association

Andrew Moore Country manager View profile

The DECP country manager for Ghana, Andrew Moore undertook a three day advisory mission to the Ghana Employers Association in Accra in November 2012.

The mission was an opportunity for the DECP to discuss plans for 2013 with the Executive Director of the GEA Alex Frimpong. It was agreed that with DECP support each of the regional offices of the GEA would hold a “Breakfast Meeting” which would bring together the current and potential membership in the region to discuss regional and national issues.

The DECP also agreed with GEA to hold a major policy event in Accra in 2013. The issue to be addressed will be the impact on employment in Ghana of Counterfeit Goods and Illicit Trade. This is of major concern to GEA members and is impacting on the Ghana economy.

During the course of the mission work started on the development would develop a GEA Membership Pack which would set out in detail what the GEA can offer its members. This pack will be used to recruit new members into the organisation.