Promotion of Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining among the local sections of FNPAIA in Moldova

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DECP special advisor Jean-Marie Standaert gave a series of presentations to the local sections of the FNPAIA, the Employers’ Organisation of the Agriculture and Food Producing Industry of the Republic of Moldova, about the importance of Social Dialogue and how Collective Bargaining should be conducted. Eight workshops were organised by FNPAIA in several parts of Moldova with the participation of representatives (management and board-members) of several regional and/or “rayonal” associations.

Each time, the conclusion was that they had learned a lot of new information about social dialogue and how employers should prepare and conduct it. Important message were about:

  • The new role of the government and of the employers’ organisations in the transition economies,
    • duty of payment of membership fee to the employers’ organisations,
    • Principle of freedom of association and organisation,
    • Principle of free and voluntary bargaining: employers have the right to reject proposals from the trade unions and can formulate counter-proposals and alternatives,
    • Respect of the terms of the collective agreements once signed.