Promotional Conferences of KPK in Kosovo Promotional Conferences of KPK in Kosovo

Promotional Conferences of KPK in Kosovo

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From 9 to 12 December 2008, DECP supported the organisation of 3 new promotional conferences of the KPK, the Confederation of Employers of Kosovo.

These conferences were organized in Peja, Mitrovica and in the capital of Prishtina. The last conference was held for the Women’s Business Association.

The conferences were opened by Mr. Ajri Begu, president of KPK. After a presentation of KPK and its objectives, Mr. Jean-Marie Standaert, Special Advisor of DECP, made a presentation about “Challenges for Employers of Kosovo”. This was followed by a presentation by Mr. Mile Boshkov, president of CERM (Confederation of Employers of the Republic of Macedonia), about AREC, the Adriatic Region Employers’ Center, of which he is also the chairman.

The conference in Prishtina with the Women’s Business Association (WBA) was attended by the Ambassador of The Netherlands in Prishtina, Dr. Henk Voskamp.

At the end of the conference, Mrs. Mirlinda Kusari, executive director of the WBA, and Mr. Ajri Begu, signed a Memorandum of Understanding, by which WBA and KPK agree to cooperate.

On Thursday morning, Mr. Begu and Mr. Standaert visited the Minister of Trade and Industry of Kosovo: during this meeting, the Minister informed Mr. Begu that KPK will become member of the new Advisory Council for SME’s.