Round Table discussion on Labour Law by MONEF Mongolia

Round Table discussion on Labour Law by MONEF Mongolia

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In view of drafting a position paper on the review of the Labour Law, the Mongolian Employers Federation MONEF organised a Round Table Discussion for their members on June 15th, 2009. Present were approx. 25 companies, mainly the larger ones, and some representatives of sector associations.

Thieu Korten was present on behalf of DECP and as such he gave a small opening speech. VNO-NCW senior specialist Sip Nieuwsma (see photo) had been invited to participate in the Round Table discussion. He gave a presentation on the Dutch labour experience and gave his comments on the current Mongolian Labour Law.

The staff of MONEF had already drafted a proposal for a position paper and this was discussed in working groups. The groups came with alternative solutions for eliminating business obstacles from the law and with the assistance of the specialist the framework for a new outline for a position paper was drafted. Important topics were: minimum wages, pay for overtime, quota for disabled, working hours and dispute settlement. All these issues are regulated now in a very detailed way in the current draft law, to be presented to the government.

It was a very useful exercise and the MONEF staff stated that for the first time they got down to the very root of the issue. Sip Nieuwsma was also interviewed on the subject of the Labour Law by 3 TV stations.