Seminars on OSH services, held at UMB(E)A, Armenia

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From 5-10 November, following two seminars were held at the premises of the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen (Employers) of Armenia:


  • a Train-the-Trainers Seminar on basic OSH-requirements for workers;
  • a seminar on “How to set-up an OSH external service by an employers’ organisation” for board and staff-members of UMBA.

Both seminars were conducted in French language by Ir. Jean-Charles Lysen, director of risk-assessment of Adhesia, an external OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) Service for employers in Brussels. UMBA provided an excellent and very professional translator.

According to the group's needs, Mr. Lysen oriented his first presentation mostly on practical advise on how to organise prevention in the workplace. The participants appreciated this very much, as they were able to gain information that they could put into practice. A show of pictures on good and bad cases on work-places ended this part of the seminar, at which  17 participants had been invited.

The second activity was followed by 7 delegates of companies and branch organisations, amongst others by the Construction Association. Part of this seminar included a case study where a company was visited and a risk assessment was carried out. The pictures taken during this visit were later on discussed in the group.

At the end, there was a short closing ceremony with distribution of the certificates. During this ceremony, Mr. Makaryan, Executive Director of UMBA, and several participants expressed their satisfaction about the seminar.