Sharpening the Business Agenda and other issues at the FKE

Sharpening the Business Agenda and other issues at the FKE

Andrew Moore Country manager View profile

From 19-21 January 2011, the DECP Country Manager for Kenya, Andrew Moore, undertook one of his regular advisory missions to the FKE.

During the mission discussions took place with senior staff on the continued development of the FKE Membership Pack. The need to involve the FKE regional structure in membership recruitment and retention was also discussed.

The FKE is currently preparing a Business Agenda within the Pro€Invest programme. The DECP discussed with the FKE Head of Research the content of the current draft and the need to make the actions points more targeted and relevant to the FKE area of expertise. 

Discussions also took place on refreshing a number of the current FKE training courses and the possibility of developing training courses on the new Constitution in Kenya.

A meeting also took place with the Head of Accounts to look at the fairly low level of subscriptions paid by the Associations within FKE membership and what could be done to bring them more into line with the amounts paid by direct members to FKE.