Tackling financial challenges

Tackling financial challenges

Andrew Moore Country manager View profile

A three day mission was undertaken to the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE) in Kampala by Andrew Moore the Country Manager for the DECP from 17 – 19 March 2014.

The FUE continues to face many financial challenges but is working hard to implement a long term sustainable approach. A major part of this strategy is to visit as many members as possible and to explain in detail what the FUE is doing for them both at a national as well as at a district level.

Another crucial part of this approach to members will be for the FUE to increase its communication flow. The proposal of an “FUE Newsletter” was discussed in detail during the mission. The publication of a new “FUE Membership Pack” was also discussed which will provide the FUE with a professional tool to not only keep the current membership fully informed of the services of the FUE but also potential members.

Discussions also took place during the mission on what DECP could do to help in the completion of the new FUE offices.