Tanzania   Looking ahead to 2014 - 2017 Tanzania

Tanzania Looking ahead to 2014 - 2017 Tanzania

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In order to begin planning for future cooperation between the Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) and the DECP for the period 2014-17 Andrew Moore the DECP Country Manager undertook a three day mission to Dar es Salaam. The mission provided the opportunity to meet with the Chairman and Vice Chairman of ATE together with the Executive Director to discuss their vision for the coming years and how the DECP could support them in achieving their objectives.

They agreed that further improving ATE’s lobbying and advocacy capacity was necessary and that a new (updated) ATE Business Agenda would be a first priority. Secondly, and in view of a possible reduction of international donor funding, ATE will have to review its revenue base and its membership strategy. In this context, DECP and ATE could cooperate in developing a Membership Pack to attract new members. Thirdly, ATE will explore the possibility of providing HR services as a means to attract and retain small members.

During the mission the DECP discussed the possibility of holding a two day workshop for members of the ATE Board who have been asked to prepare a Corporate Plan and vision for ATE. The DECP discussed the possibility of providing both technical as well as financial support for this workshop.