The EAEO Technical Committee welcomes progress

The EAEO Technical Committee welcomes progress

Andrew Moore Country manager View profile

The continued development of the East African Employers Organisation (EAEO) is seen by its Employer Organisation members as a crucial part of their policy work at an East African Community (EAC) level. A considerable amount of concern has been expressed by its members and the DECP over the lack of progress made in the last few years and in order to improve the situation the DECP had offered further technical and financial support.

The meeting of the EAEO Technical Committee in Zanzibar on 28 January 2015 was the opportunity to discuss the progress being made with the work of the two new coordinators.

The DECP was pleased to note that not only had significant progress been made in the administration of the organisation but that the EAEO was becoming increasingly better  known at the EAC level.

It was proposed that the EAEO would hold its Annual General Meeting in Arusha on 31 March 2015.