The FKE Business Agenda 2016-2018

The FKE Business Agenda 2016-2018

Andrew Moore Country manager View profile

The DECP Country Manager for Kenya Andrew Moore undertook a one day mission to the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) in Nairobi in July.

The main objective of the mission was to discuss the final draft of the proposed FKE Business Agenda 2016 – 2018 which is planned to be launched in Nairobi October 2015.

The mission also provided the opportunity for the DECP to discuss the outcome of a membership mapping exercise which was looking at the current and potential membership of the FKE. The exercise had been supported both financially and technically by the DECP and had provided the FKE with a considerable amount of information which can be used to enhance FKE membership. FKE is planning to undertake an immediate membership drive of some 100 non member companies identified in this exercise.

Meetings also took place with the training coordinators of the FKE to discuss the proposed DECP/ILOITC workshop due to be held in Nairobi in November.

During the course of the mission the DECP was advised of the plans for the FKE to build new offices on their current premises which would provide a sustainable income for the organisation in the coming years.