Train-the-trainers workshop in Georgia on Occupational Safety & Health (OSH)

Train-the-trainers workshop in Georgia on Occupational Safety & Health (OSH)

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With the aim of assisting the Georgian Employers’ Association GEA in setting-up a new service on OSH for its members, a Train-the-trainers’ seminar as well as a workshop on how to set-up an external OSH service and how to carry out a risk assessment was organised by GEA, with the support of DECP.  The training was given from 4 till 7 March, 2008 by Mr. Jean-Charles Lysen, Director for risk assessment at ADHESIA, an external OSH service in Brussels (Belgium).

The workshop was opened by Mr. Meladze, President of GEA,  Ms. Maia Todria of the Dutch Embassy and by Jean-Marie Standaert of DECP. In his opening address, Mr. Meladze repeated that GEA has the firm intention to set-up an external OSH-service for its members. He also expressed his gratitude for DECP's assistance.

The first 2 days consisted of a training of in total 25 potential trainers by Mr. Lysen, while in the second part of the workshop 6 OSH experts were informed on how to set-up an external OSH centre and how to perform a risk assessment. Also visits took place to a factory and to a building site with the aim to present the practice of how a risk assessment is done.

Before the training, all participants received a copy of Mr. Lysen's slides translated into Georgian language, as well as some documents used by ADHESIA, like contracts, check-list, etc.

The participants were very interested in the matter because official regulation on OSH is lacking and most companies do not follow any minimal labour standards of  their own.