Training MONEF on 4 key issues Training MONEF on 4 key issues

Training MONEF on 4 key issues

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On 13 and 14 June 2011 DECP special advisor Rogier CHORUS gave a seminar on capacity strengthening for the MONEF central secretariat at Ulaanbaatar. With 22 attendants virtually the whole secretariat participated at the 4 workshops on Governance & internal organisation; Attracting & keeping members; Communication & lobbying; and Labour relations & wage negotiations. The seminar was opened by President Nyamsambuu, who received a copy of the World Bank 2011 report on Doing Business. 3 Representatives of the MONEF secretariat made presentations on the actual situation. The Mongolian economy is at the crossroads of profiting from a mining boom, or giving way to corruption and the squandering of its mining resources. A strongly growing MONEF has the ambition to stimulate spin-off, supply and employment possibilities in the mining industry, and wishes to draw on Dutch experience and expertise (especially on structure and labour relations) for its improved performance as the Mongolian employers’ organisation. It is in the process of setting up branch organisations: this will be the subject of a follow-up seminar in September 2011.