Training of Trainers concluded Training of Trainers concluded

Training of Trainers concluded

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Negotiating skills are vital tools for most of us but in particular for employers’ organisations. For that reason DECP started a series of training sessions on “Negotiations in Industrial Relations” for the benefit of  VWEC Vietnam Women Entrepreneurs Council. These sessions are meant to train and coach future trainers using the so-called “interest-based negotiations” concept such as worked out by Dirk Joosse of the AWVN (the Dutch General Employers’ Association) in his book “Negotiations in Industrial Relations”.

After the first two sessions in which DECP sent three Dutch AWVN trainers (besides  Dirk Joosse, Lars Doyer, Yvonne Boomsma (first two sessions) and Reinout Scholte (third session)) ,  the final session took place in December 2011, during which the TOT was concluded. Objective: in the end Vietnam (Hanoi region) will have about twenty trainers being able to train and counsel employers and other parties on the issue of Labour relations/ negotiating labour conditions/CLA.  DECP has supported the translation of the book Negotiations in Industrial Relations. The book was made available by the end of November and proved to be very useful for the future trainers to be used in their preparation for this third and final course. A booklet on Vietnamese negotiations cases had also been developed.  In the final TOT the participants were scheduled in couples to facilitate the complete course. So in two groups each couple took care of facilitating a part of the training, while other future trainers acted as participants in the course. Each part was evaluated immediately afterwards by participants and Dutch trainers. The progress of the future trainers in adequately facilitating our course was considerable. Six of them were selected to take care of facilitating the regular course in the following week, again with good results.

The progress made has been such that in March 2012 there will be 2 regular courses completely organised and facilitated by DECP-certified Vietnamese trainers (with Dutch trainers present for support).