Training of Trainers expanded to Ho Chi Minh City

Training of Trainers expanded to Ho Chi Minh City

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HCMC is the third location where DECP  (from July 3 to 10th)  started a Training of Trainers (TOT) after East Africa and Hanoi.  Negotiating skills are vital tools for most of us but in particular for employers’ organisations. These sessions are meant to train and coach future trainers using the so-called “interest-based negotiations” concept such as worked out by Dirk Joosse of the AWVN (the Dutch General Employers’ Association) in his book “Negotiations in Industrial Relations” , since 2011 also available in Vietnamese, supported by DECP.  A booklet on Vietnamese negotiations cases has in the meantime been developed.  Very useful for the future trainers to be used in their preparation for the next two  courses.

Again like in Hanoi our host was VWEC in combination with VVCI.  These organisations helped us with a smooth preparation by selecting candidates and participants, facilities, interpreters, etc, etc.

For this first session DECP sent three Dutch AWVN trainers (Dirk Joosse, Reinout Scholte and Yvonne Boomsma). They held a three day TOT followed by a two day Regular Course.  Objective: Vietnam (like in the Hanoi region) will eventually have in the HCMC region  over twenty trainers being able to train and counsel employers and other parties on the issue of Labour relations/ negotiating labour conditions/ Collective Labour Agreements (CLA).

In this first TOT in HCMC the participants got acquainted with the content, techniques and skills of our approach.

Trainers and participants worked on more knowledge, awareness, skills and attitude to communicate the “ interest-based” approach of negotiating in Industrial relations in an effective way. Six of the participants of the TOT  were selected to assist the Dutch trainers in facilitating the regular course held in the second week, again with a good result.

Following this first and highly appreciated session, the next steps in Vietnam HCMC will be:  2 more TOT and 2 more regular courses next September and November to complete the training of these candidate trainers, followed by a set of trainings completely organised and  facilitated by HCMC trainers in their region under supervision of Dutch trainers.