Training of trainers in negotiation techniques, Dar es Salaam, July 2010

Training of trainers in negotiation techniques, Dar es Salaam, July 2010

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From Wednesday 14 July till Friday 16 July 2010 a training of trainers in negotiation skills was held in Dar Es Salaam. Under the auspices of DECP and with the logistic support of ITC/ILO, trainers of the AWVN (the Dutch General Employers Association) trained trainers of DECP-partners in Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya in negotiation skills.  

The training is part of a programme intended to provide each of the forementioned partners with the capacity to set up 'top class' negotiation trainings for members. Such capacity will strengthen the ties between the organizations and their members, enhance negotiating skills in member companies and member-associations and provide additional revenue for the organization.  

Earlier trainings in this programme were organised in Rwanda and Uganda. The fourth and final training session will be in Kenya in November of this year. This third session was evaluated as highly successful.  

It is the firm intention of all participants that as of 2011 their organization will incorporate training in negotiation skills in its training programme offered to members.  

The student trainers of Tanzania were given the opportunity to practice their skills alongside the Dutch trainers (Marjolein Otter and Dirk Joosse) during a national workshop on negotiation techniques held the following week for member companies of the Association of Tanzania Employers – ATE.