Training the Rwanda Private Sector Federation

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From October 22 till 26 DECP and the ILO/ITC organised 2 training sessions for the Rwanda Private Sector Federation (PSF). First, there was a 2 day training in Kigali for PSF staff members with some 30 participants, mainly on membership issues, communication and lobbying. Through their keen interest participants clearly showed their commitment to a more efficient and effective PSF.

At the conclusion of the seminar, there was a ceremony at which Secretary General Emmanuel Hategeka and Jan Karel Bout signed a Partnership Agreement between PSF and DECP.

Everybody then moved on to Gisenye where the entire leadership, both national and regional, of the PSF (some 120 people altogether divided into 3 groups) participated in a two-day training course. Themes covered were governance, membership issues, services, communication, advocacy and lobbying. At the closure of the session participants expressed their appreciation and indicated their interest in follow-up training on selected issues.

Again, the close cooperation between DECP and ILO/ITC proved to be successful in transferring relevant knowledge and skills.