Uganda Tackling a number of challenges

Uganda Tackling a number of challenges

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The Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE) is currently facing a number of challenges in terms of its ability to meet its financial obligations. Building on the FUE Council Retreat held in Kampala in October 2013, which was supported both financially and technically by the DECP, a follow up meeting was held at the offices of the FUE in Kampala on Tuesday 3 December 2013.

The meeting received reports from the three working groups established at the  retreat covering:

  • FUE Home Construction committee
  • Review of the Organisational Structure of the FUE
  • Finance Committee

Each working group reported back giving a number of ideas and   recommendations to the meeting on what steps should be taken. Resulting from the discussions it was agreed that in respect of Finance the Chairman and Vice Chairman would meet with the Executive Director to discuss immediate steps to         be taken to reduce costs.

The other two working groups presented a number of suggestions which would   be worked on by the FUE secretariat.

The mission also provided the opportunity for the DECP to meet with the FUE Executive Director to discuss the current problems facing the FUE and to agree on what steps must be taken if the FUE is to achieve long term sustainability.