Updating FNCCI Nepal and SAFE

Updating FNCCI Nepal and SAFE

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The DECP Country Manager for Nepal Andrew Moore undertook a mission to Kathmandu from 14 – 18 September 2022. This was the first visit to take place for some considerable time due to the pandemic and provided the opportunity to meet with the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) and the local PUM representative.

The mission provided the opportunity for the DECP to explain in detail the developments that will take place at the end of 2022 when the DECP is amlagamated with PUM.

During the course of the mission discussions took place on the possibility of holding a two day workshop for the Tourism sector. Resulting from the pandemic the Tourism sector had been devistated and it needed to rebuild. It was noted that the importance of Social Dialogue was needed to be developed in order that companies can recover with the support of their workforce.

The FNCCI currently holds the position as President of the South Asia Forum of Employers (SAFE). The DECP confirmed that its support both technically as well as financially would come to an end at the end of December 2022. It was agreed that a meeting of members should be called either online or in person to decided how the work of SAFE could be taken forward in 2023.