Vocational Education and Membership Management

Vocational Education and Membership Management

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At the end of July, Jos van Erp and Martien Robertz from DECP -the latter as the new country manager as successor to Rogier Chorus- visited Mongolia.

 Mongolia, more than 3 million inhabitants living on a surface that is 50 times as large as the Netherlands, urgently needs a well-educated workforce responding to the needs of employers. MONEF, as the representative of employers, and various entrepreneurs are ambitious to comply with high quality production standards. Last year, various sectors made good strides in developing their own training centres. During working visits to the meat-processing and construction sectors, MONEF and DECP became aware of the progress and current needs. In the coming years, DECP supports MONEF to set up and improve "Skills and Training Centres" at various levels.

MONEF has a tradition in offering several kind or trainings to member companies. These trainings are, as part of the total portfolio of services, illustrating the high level of added value MONEF offers to its member companies. Increasing the visibility of the services and added value is important to create constant awareness among members of MONEF as the voice of business and a key player in achieving increasing opportunities of the business climate. A stable and growing number of members will guarantee the continuous improvement of the core activities of MONEF.

A good opportunity for MONEF to present itself is the celebration of its 30th anniversary in September next year. DECP supports MONEF to set up an attractive and ambitious program for this. It is obvious that MONEF’s members are central.


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