Working with the Employers on CSR, Labour and the Environment

Working with the Employers on CSR, Labour and the Environment

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From 19-24 October 2012  a DECP delegation visited the Bangladesh Employers Federation (BEF) in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The delegation which consisted of DECP’s Special Advisors Chiel Renique and Jan karel Bout had  as objective to discuss labour and environmental issues and the international reputation of Bangladesh industry.

The Bangladesh Employers Federation (BEF) and DECP agreed that they would –with the assistance of ITC/ILO - in the first half of 2013 organize a training on CSR and Lobby.

This would help BEF in its lobbying on CSR vis-à-vis its members, the government, the media, the trade unions and thus contribute to better working conditions in Bangladesh industry. Communicating results will get special attention. The subject of CSR is seen as highly relevant for employees and employers as well as for the government.

As part of a future cooperation between BEF and DECP it was agreed that DECP will assist BEF on issues such as membership , services to members , economic analysis and lobby.  Towards the end of the mission BEF and DECP also agreed that at an appropriate moment in the future they would want to sign a Partnership Agreement in order to acknowledge the intended long lasting relationship between the two organizations.