Working with the Pakistan Employers Federation

Working with the Pakistan Employers Federation

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From 20 till 24 May 2012  15 board members of the Pakistan Employers Federation ( PEF) , under the leadership of their President Mr. Javed Haji Muhammad ,visited the campus of the International training Centre from the ILO in Turin ,Italy.

This to be trained by Arnout de Koster from ITC/ILO and Jan Karel Bout from DECP about subjects as Advocacy and Lobby , Membership items and Services to members.

The economic and political situation of Pakistan and the competitiveness of the country also came extensively under review and prospects for the future development of PEF were discussed.

It was the third consecutive meeting in three years between PEF ,DECP and ITC/ILO. It was agreed that the partners will continue the cooperation and will meet again in 2013. This to further work on the strengthening of PEF and its membership and to review progress.