Workshop on Communication, Bamako (Mali) Workshop on Communication, Bamako (Mali)

Workshop on Communication, Bamako (Mali)

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The workshop on communication was held at the request of the Conseil National du Patronat du Mali (CNPM) in order to allow its leadership to draft a communication plan for the years to come. In an impressive outlay the Belgian trainers/facilitators Messrs. Erik Van Vooren en Ronald Driessen gave a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of modern communications techniques, such as setting a single overall objective, identifying target groups, clarity of messages, raising the organisation’s profile, setting up an effective mailing campaign, the characteristics of an effective lobbying campaign, etc.

Participants were active and interested and many a lively debate followed. At the end of the workshop participants filled out evaluation forms which showed high appreciation for the trainers/facilitators: Out of a total of 132 scores given, 10 were ‘sufficient’, 48 were ‘good’ and 74 were ‘very good’.

In a wrap-up session on the morning of April 9 with the senior CNPM leadership, a number of objectives and actions were identified. As the single most important objective the group identified an increase in the number of paying members. In order to achieve that objective a number of actions will be recommended to the 'Conseil d’Administration'. These include a reinforcement of the sectoral associations, a regular radio-interview by the president of the CNPM, establishing a network of responsible journalists, in particular with the business newspaper L’Essor, appoint a press spokesman, achieve a higher profile for the services offered by CNPM and an opinion poll among its members.