Workshop on definitition of a new strategy for KOPSH - Albania

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Special Advisor Jean-Marie Standaert participated in a workshop-brainstorming with the board-members of the Albanian EO KOPSH for the definition of a new strategy for KOPSH for the coming 5 years. Jean-Marie Standaert also gave a presentation about “Challenges for KOPSH for the years 2007 – 2012”, with special attention for the “Stability and Accession Agreement” that has now to be approved by the EU-member states, and the need for KOPSH to prepare itself for the negotiations on the implementation of the “acquis communautaire”.

This was followed by a long discussion during which several participants expressed  their expectations about the role of KOPSH. Some started to discuss the on-going tax-reform and the proposal to set-up a new agency for the registration of new companies.  

DECP suggested KOPSH to implement several structural changes in the organisation and to start a periodic newsletter to the members. KOPSH was also advised to organize two times a year a large conference with presence of ministers and media about some hot issues for the employers. Such conference should be repeated a local level, in some cantons or big cities.