Workshop on Occupational Safety & Health (OSH), held in Moldova Workshop on Occupational Safety & Health (OSH), held in Moldova

Workshop on Occupational Safety & Health (OSH), held in Moldova

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One of the points mentioned in the recently signed Partnership Agreement between CNPM and DECP was that DECP would assist in the implementation of the new Moldovan regulation on OSH.

In her search for experts to provide trainings on this subject, DECP contacted Bob Koning, Senior Advisor on Safety and Health at  the Dutch Confederation of Employers VNO-NCW. Bob agreed to give a presentation on the latest international regulations regarding OSH and the corresponding duties of employers. In order to find an expert to give a presentation on how an OSH service functions, Bob Koning contacted Boaborea (see for more info), the Dutch branch organisation for Services in the area of jobs, career and vitality, to search for a suitable candidate in her network. One of their members, Claris Arbodiensten was more than willing to participate in the workshop.

Theo-Jan Heesen of Claris not only gave a presentation but he also led a visit to 2 sites to show how a risk assessment is done in the Netherlands. One visit was made to a construction site in Chisinau and a second one to a greenhouse in Criuleni, producing tomatoes. The next day, with the input of the participants, Mr. Heesen presented the debriefing reports that he normally would have sent to the companies' management. For each company the risks and hazards were laid down.

Last but not least, Jean-Marie Standaert gave a presentation on how to prepare a feasibility study on an external OSH service.

A total of 23 representatives of sector organisations (experts from the Construction Federation and the FNPAIA: Federation of Employers in Agriculture and Food Industry) and staff members of the National Confederation of Moldovan Employers – CNPM attended  the workshop that had been very well organized by the CNPM.

At the end of the workshop, Mr. Adrian Axenti, Executive Director of CNPM, announced that CNPM will recruit a specialist on OSH who will be in charge of following all the regulations that will be issued after the adoption of a new law on OSH.  The Construction Federation and FNPAIA announced their intention to start a feasibility study for an external OSH service for their members.

For more details, see press release from Moldovan press agency INFOTAG on page 4.