Workshop on 'Project design' Workshop on 'Project design'

Workshop on 'Project design'

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The Private Sector Federation (PSF) is the employers' organisation of Rwanda, dedicated to promoting and representing the interests of the Rwandan business community. As part of its dedication to promoting the private sector, the PSF developed a capacity building project with the goal to empower the Rwandan private sector and enable them to more effectively contribute to the attainment of Rwanda's vision for 2020. 
In order to strengthen their institutional capacity, a request for training was made to ILO's International Training Centre and consequently ITC took responsibility for developing and delivering a workshop on Project Cycle Management. The overall purpose of this workshop was to improve the capacity of the PSF professionals to design quality projects to be submitted for funding to various donors and to improve their competences in implementation and planning of such projects. DECP co-funded the workshop, held at Gyseny (Rwanda) from May 4-7, 2009.  
Agroup of 18 enthusiastic participants (8 women and 10 men) attended the workshop and shared experiences, knowledge and intentions. The workshop content (tutored by Ms Tita Francese) increased their awareness that project design and implementation planning is not an easy task but is instrumental in ensuring quality to the project. The participants agreed that they had gained relevant new insights and skills which would allow them to better perform their duties