Workshop on revenue building for UPCG Montenegro

Workshop on revenue building for UPCG Montenegro

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On 6 and 7 May, UPCG, the Montenegrin Employers’ Federation, organized a workshop for its staff- and board-members about revenue building by an employers’ organization. The workshop was opened by a presentation by the secretary general, Mr. Vladimir Curovic, about the situation of the revenues of UPCG during the past and present years.

This introduction was followed by a power-point presentation by the director of DECP, Mr. Ronald de Leij, about “Revenue building by an employers’ organization”.

The second part of the workshop was a “brainstorming session” with the participants with the aim to formulate proposals for improvement of the incomes of UPCG and its collective members.

To finalise the workshop on the morning of the second day, the DECP-delegation consisting of Ronald de Leij and Jean-Marie Standaert, conducted a debriefing with the staff and the board of UPCG. Several proposals were discussed and evaluated, in view of their approval by the board of UPCG.