Workshops on Collective Bargaining in Vietnam

Workshops on Collective Bargaining in Vietnam

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Labour relations are vital to every economy and even more to labour intensive economies of developing countries. Vietnam is one of these countries. 

Unsettling  labour  disputes  and  frequent  strikes  jeopardize  the  process  of  development  and even when they  are sparked by an understandable desire to improve labour and  employment conditions, they easily end up in just damaging them.   

Collective  bargaining  done  in  the  proper  way  –  i.e.  working  towards  solutions  instead  of victories  -  can  help  solve and  prevent  a  lot  of problems. Workers and companies have much more  common  interests  than  those  interests that might keep them divided.  
In August 2010, DECP in cooperation with its Vietnamese partners VCCI (Chamber of Commerce & Industry)  and  VWEC (Women Entrepreneurs Council), conducted two workshops to  introduce  collective  bargaining in  the  Vietnamese  provinces  of  Binh  Duong and  Hai  Phong.  The  method  used  is  based  on thorough  research  at  Harvard  and  years  of AWVN experience in the Netherlands.  

The  response  to  the  workshops  showed  that  the  method  is  in  no  way  culture  specific.  The participants  showed  great  interest  and  a  strong  desire  to  become  more  and  better  acquainted with  it.  DECP  and  its  partners  have  set  their  minds  to  work  out  methods  of  cooperation  to fulfil this desire effectively and efficiently.