Workshops on communication and lobby, held in Vietnam

Workshops on communication and lobby, held in Vietnam

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From April 12-16, 2010 two workshops on communication and lobby were jointly organized by the DECP and the Vietnam Women Entrepreneurs Council (branch of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry - VWEC). DECP director Ronald de Leij and special advisor Thieu Korten were the trainers for these events. 

The first workshop was given in Vung Tau, near Ho Chi Minh City, on 12 & 13 April. Not all of the 22 participants (4 men, 18 women) were members of the VWEC; also members of the Young Entrepreneurs Association and some sector associations were invited.  On 15 &16 April a similar workshop was held in Nha 
Trang (a coastal city North of Ho Chi Minh City), which was attended by 24 participants. 

As always, the making of a press release but especially the exercise of giving a press conference were the highlights of the communication workshop. In the workshop on lobby the participants drafted, group by group and step by step, a tentative lobbying strategy focussing on a by themselves chosen priority issue. Each group presented its plan to all participants and the plans were commented upon by the trainer.   

The workshops were highly appreciated by the participants.  A workshop on collective negotiations at company level will be organized in July, to be given by Ronald de Leij.