The Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (known as VNO-NCW) lobbies for achieving an excellent business climate. VNO-NCW operates on a national and international level. They represent companies with different sizes and spread over a total of 160 sectors, from multinationals and exchange-quoted companies to small and medium sized companies, family companies and start-ups. Their mission is to create space and opportunities for entrepreneurship. The Netherlands is recognized as a sustainable and prosperous economy.

Turning the Netherlands into the worlds most prosperous country; that is the mission of Hans de Boer ever since he became chairman of the Board of VNO-NCW in July 2014. He is convinced that the Netherlands has the resources, working attitude, ambition, knowledge and the right spirit to demonstrate that this is doable. 'All we have to do is stop being too modest' he claims. 'We will have to show our potential and achievements worldwide'.