Welcome to the DECP website

Welcome to the DECP website

Cooperating with national and international organisations

Advising, transferring knowledge and sharing experiences

Supporting a variety of projects that strengthen the business member organisation

Our mission

The foundation Dutch Employers’ Cooperation Programme (DECP) is a public-private partnership established by Dutch employers and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2006 with the aim of strengthening the position of business member organisations in developing countries. Via DECP, Dutch employer organisations offer professional expertise to business member organisations in developing countries.


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We offer professional expertise to employers' organisations in developing countries


Go the temporary Corona-update: DECP shares information, examples and experiences with employers' organisations in Corona times

Find our annual reports, our financial reports (in Dutch) and our anti-fraud and anti-corruption policy

DECP Annual report 2021                   Financial report 2021

DECP Annual report 2020                  Financial report 2020                Anti-fraud and anti corruption policy

DECP Annual report 2019                   Financial report 2019                 Politique de lutte contre la fraude et contre la corruption

DECP Annual report 2018                   Financial report 2018                 Politica antifraude y anticorrupción

DECP Annual report 2017                   Financial report 2017

DECP Annual report 2016                   Financial report 2016