ECOP:  Employers' Confederation Of The Philippines

ECOP: Employers' Confederation Of The Philippines

The DECP is working in the Philippines with the Employers’ Confederation of the Philippines ECOP. The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country made up of some 7,000 islands with a population of some 105 million people. ECOP is based in the capital Manila and has a membership of over 600 members as well as some 40 sectoral organisations.

ECOP has a professional staff of over 12 employees and offers a wide range of services. These include the following:

  • Policy Advocacy
  • Helpdesk
  • Training and Development
  • Executive Labour Updates Public Seminars
  • Overseas Technical Scholarships
  • Public Seminars
  • Business cases on Workplace issues
  • Research publications
  • Website
  • Infonotes
  • ECOP Cafe

ECOP is a member of the ASEAN Employers Confederation ACE. This organisation is made up of all the Employers Organisations within the ASEAN region. Its main focus is to provide the employer input to employment issues being developed at a regional level. ACE also provides the opportunity for Employers Organisations to share good practise on a wide range of issues.

The DECP started work with ECOP in 2016 during which it has worked on a number of projects. These have included providing both technical and financial support for the development of ECOP Chapters which provide a regional presence for the organisation. DECP support provided the opportunity for some of the Chapters to explore ways in which they could provide a wide range of services how to increase their membership. The development of Skills has also been a major factor in the DECP-ECOP development and has provided ECOP with a number of practical tools for its development of Skills within the Philippines.