MONEF:  Mongolian Employers' Federation

MONEF: Mongolian Employers' Federation

Since 1990, in historical transition period from centralized economy to the market economy, MONEF was established with the aim to support employers’ interest and as well as promoting and supporting the private sector role in national development through the bridge of peace and understanding. Activities which

During the past 20 years, the federation has taken in account of following activities:

  • Promoting member, supporter and private sector development, to help formulate the law and governmental policies.
  • To promote a social tripartite partnership.
  • To defend members and employers legal rights and interest.
  • Development of HR virtual capital.
  • Provide necessary information to members and supporters.
  • To organize a training and give an advice on labor relation, Occupational Safety and Health, wage system, Human resource,  finance-tax relation, legal legislation, Management, Private-Public –Partnership.
  • HR mediation, development of labor relation documents, finance-tax report and transmission of occupational safety and health management system.
  • Represent private sectors position in an International policy conference, meetings, and trainings.
  • To involve members and supporters in an exhibitions organized in overseas.
  • Capacity building on regional private sectors employers and regional governance – private sector representatives’ collaboration.

MONEF is a nationwide organization embracing 21 regional employers’ associations, 12 sectoral associations and representing agency in 60 soums, 41 professional associations, and 12 sectoral associations and representing collectively around 8100 business.

Finally, from MONEF, management and staff are pleased to express their sincere gratitude to all those who have supported and cooperated with them in the activities of the federation.