Surinam Former DECP partner

In the 2018-2022 programme period, DECP supports employers’ organisations in 22 countries. Employers’ organisations from some other countries have been supported in earlier programme periods, with which cooperation has since been terminated.

DECP works in multi-annual programmes with the aim of bringing employers' organisations to a next level. We regularly evaluate whether employers' organisations have been empowered as a result of  our efforts. If an organisation is mature enough and can conduct an effective lobby or social dialogue on its own, the help of DECP is less needed. In that case we prefer turning our energy in strengthening employers' organisations in other countries that need our help more. In full agreement with organisations where our assistance ends, we ensure the support is phased out properly.

Employers’ organisations that have developed to a next level can be a source of inspiration for organisations that are not there yet. That is why we have included the stories of former partners organisations. We hope our current partner organisations can benefit from their experiences.