Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore

Country manager

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“The importance of a strong Employers' Organisation cannot be underestimated”

'It not only provides the opportunity for employers to work together on a wide range of important issues but it also provides the government with a focal point from which they can hear the voice of business.

Before joining the DECP in 2007 I worked for the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) for some 25 years during which I worked on Education and Training Policy as well as on representing some 200 Trade Associations at a national level. During the 25 years I spent 14 years posted to Brussels and was responsible for representing British Business at a European level. During the first seven years in Brussels I established the British Business Bureau which provided some 25 Trade associations with representation at a European level. The second seven years as Director of the CBI in Brussels.

The work with Trade Associations provided me with the opportunity to return to the UK to establish the Trade Association Forum (TAF) which was the focal point for some 300 Trade Associations to come together to share experiences on a wide range of issues such as membership and policy development.The experiences with not only the working of the CBI at both a national as well as a European level and with a wide range of Trade Associations provided me with the skills to work with Employers Organisations in developing countries.

The opportunity to work with the DECP firstly in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana and subsequently in Asia provides an excellent opportunity to be able to share the experiences gained with the CBI and to support the development of Employers' Organisations in a number of developing countries. Currently, I am Country Manager for Pakistan, Cambodia, Philippines, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Andrew brings to the DECP a wide knowledge of how an Employers' Organisation can serve its members both in terms of services as well as in policy development.'