Christine Rehbock

Christine Rehbock

Office manager

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“I connect our partners to our advisors and country managers”

'I consider myself as the spider in DECP’s network, connecting the partners with the expert advisors and country managers. DECP started its operational activities in January 2006 and I joined 8 months later so I have almost been there from the start. What keeps me going is that there are always new developments taking place, new goals realised and new people to meet.

I enjoy working in an international environment and to witness first hand how the economic, cultural and political situation in a country can influence DECP’s relationship and cooperation with a partner organisation. My main responsibilities include project administration and monitoring. Occassionally I accompany my colleagues to trainings and then I am able to witness their valuable work on first hand. During the crosscutting activities it is not only the knowledge that DECP brings in. More important is the experience sharing between the partner organisations from neighbouring countries that often encounter similar difficulties and can help each other find solutions to problems they have in common.

I spent a large part of my youth abroad living in Spanishspeaking countries and consequently English and Spanish were a natural part of my upbringing. In my adult life I worked at several trading and production companies with worldwide markets, first as a secretary and later on as customer relations officer. Also these experiences enriched me as a person. There really is a wonderful world out there if we have the eyes to see it!'