Jos van Erp

Jos van Erp

Deputy Director

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“I like to be part of your future”

'After finishing my studies as a teacher of Geography and French language I got my master's degree in Economic Geography. I got specialised in labour market studies and developing a labour market communication policy for a large Dutch multinational company.

Together with some colleagues, I set up a company that recruted employees with a technical background and organised lifelong learning structures which allowed them to be employable in every phase of their careers. And it guaranteed companies the availability of employees with the right competencies at any moment.

This highly interesting business model taught me how to work together with (T)VET (Technical Vocational Education and Training) schools and governments. It can only work if every party benefits.

Then I joined FME, which is the largest sector organisation in the field of technological industry. Connecting national policy on education and labour to business -especially to SME's (Small and Medium Enterprises) - was my main focus. Being a part-time teacher at the same time at Belgian and French universities on Group Dynamics, Business Development and Intercultural Learning made my career complete.

I wanted to share my experiences with stakeholders in other countries, in their own context. DECP offered me the opportunity to share my experiences with employers' organisations in various emerging countries. Who is the teacher and who is the learner? We both are. Because the future starts today!'

And I like to be part of yours!