Peter Boorsma

Peter Boorsma

Country manager

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“Boosting productivity by bringing employers and trade unions together”

'After getting my degree in economic-social history, I started my career at the International Institute for Social History. After working several years for Akzo-Nobel Coatings in Spain and Belgium as a market researcher, I joined the communication departement of VNO-NCW, the Dutch umbrella employers' organisation. In 2001, I became manager of a sector organisation. Improving their reputation and visibility as wel as organising strategic cooperation were my priorities. Since 2006 I am working as an independant consultant for sector organisations. 

I am curiuous to understand how complex networks are working. Which implies that I am a good listener and observer. I stimulate social dialogue and effective communication. As a near-native speaker of the Spanish language I am Country Manager for Peru, Bolivia and Colombia. Over the years I specialised in strategic marketing and communication, language and culture and facilitating cooperation between interest groups.

DECP is not a foundation that supports employers' organisations by investing big amounts of money. This seems to be a disadvantage. On the contrary; it brings DECP in an equal position with its partners. Their needs are leading in taking action together. Progress is never easy. But once improvements have been achieved, both the partner-organisation and the DECP advisor are proud and feel they succeeded by cooperating. Being a consultant, a guest and a friend at the same time in several Latin American countries makes me feel at home with DECP.'