2 Training Courses in Vietnam 2 Training Courses in Vietnam

2 Training Courses in Vietnam

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DECP presented 2 training courses in Hanoi in March 2011. The first one, called “Management of Business Associations” dealt with several subjects. DECP’s special advisor Thieu Korten discussed amongst others ‘lobbying’, ‘attracting members’, ‘organisational structure of business associations’, ‘communication’ and ‘services’.

In the second workshop DECP’s director Ronald de Leij dealt with collective bargaining. This workshop was meant as a preparation for a train the trainer course in which Vietnamese people will be trained to present training courses on collective bargaining to member companies of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Probably such training courses will be held in June, September and December of this year.

During this visit of the DECP representatives to Vietnam the Activity Plan for 2011 was also discussed. With the Vietnam Women Entrepreneurs Council, the partner of DECP in Vietnam, it was agreed that a workshop on the new Labour Law and train the trainer courses on collective bargaining, lobbying and Occupational Safety and Health could be part of this Activity Plan.