A business members’ organisation is a… business

A business members’ organisation is a… business

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What is a business members’ organisation from a business man’s point of view? Right, a business. A BMO can only maintain itself if income is at least as high as the costs are. And therefore, many BMOs supply services, organise workshops and similar activities. Like any other business, a BMO needs a system to provide the management with financial information.

With the help of Dutch financial expert Kees van Rooden, Employers’ Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAM) implemented a new system to provide its management with the financial information needed to monitor income and expenses. Van Rooden’s help followed from a request from DECP to fellow Dutch programme PUM. PUM offers practical expertise to small and medium sized companies in developing countries and emerging markets. Even though Malawi is not a country where PUM is currently operating, PUM kindly brought Kees van Rooden and DECP into contact, resulting in Van Rooden's first experience in advising a BMO on how to shape its finances as a proper business.

More information on PUM: www.pum.nl

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Kees van Rooden and ECAM bookkeeper Hancy Mchakama