Advisory mission to EEF in Ethiopia

Advisory mission to EEF in Ethiopia

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On June 30 and July 1 DECP special advisor Jan Karel Bout visited Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa. 

The purpose of his visit was to evaluate the development of the private sector in this country and to investigate possibilities to strengthen the Ethiopian Employers Federation (EEF).  

During this visit consultations took place with the Minister of Social Affairs and Labour, the Trade Unions, board members of EEF and the Dutch Ambassador.  

It was agreed upon that DECP will continue to support EEF with its expertise. In the coming half year DECP will concentrate its efforts in advising the board of EEF on issues concerning their strategic plan, the constitution of EEF, as well as measures needed to improve their communications and publications.  

Together with the training centre of the International Labour organisation, ITC/ILO, DECP will develop plans to train board and members of EEF. Possibly these trainings will take place towards the end of this year.