Albania  Looking ahead to 2014-2017 Albania

Albania Looking ahead to 2014-2017 Albania

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From 21 to 23 August, J.M. Standaert visited BiznesAlbania with the aim to receive follow-up information about the Business Policy Book that BiznesAlbania prepared in view of the parliamentary elections of end of June in Albania, and to discuss with them the proposals that will be included in the draft Businessplan 2014 – 2017 of DECP. In the years to come BiznesAlbania’s focus will be on improving the communication with its members and enhancing its revenues.

As far as communication is concerned BiznesAlbania intends to develop a proper newsletter in electronic format and also to make better use of its website. Regarding revenues it should aim at improving the collection of membership fees i.a. by using an efficient database.